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The Squirrel Nut Zippers are a hot new band playing swing jazz at sold out clubs throughout the country. A Squirrel Nut Zipper is also a delicious vanilla nut caramel that's had its share of applause since first being introduced in the mid-1920's. Both originated from humble surroundings and owe much of their success to a loyal local following and a nostalgia for quality.

The origins of the Squirrel Nut Zipper candy betrays the same happenstance manner in which most bands are formed. Around the mid 1920's, Squirrel Brand's managers developed the formula for a vanilla nut caramel to complement our chocolate caramel. The only thing missing was a name.

One of our managers came across an article in a local newspaper depicting the arrest for public drunkenness of a Vermont resident who had to be talked down from a tree by the police. When they got him down and asked him to explain himself he proclaimed "it must have been the Nut Zipper" referring to a local alcoholic concoction apparently popular at the time. Squirrel Brand's brain trust decided that this would be the perfect name for our new product!

Since its introduction in 1926, the Nut Zipper had developed a loyal following amongst consumers and has grown to be our most popular item.

The Nut Zipper band first approached Squirrel Brand with the idea of using this name in the summer of 1993. We were first skeptical regarding this rather unusual application of our copyright but we figured that the band, like most, wouldn't be around for long anyway. Boy were we wrong! The Squirrel Nut Zippers developed that instant loyal following so necessary for any new idea and now stand ready to take the country by storm.

The Nut Zippers incorporate in their music and reflect in their personalities many of the same qualities and values which we hold here at Squirrel Brand: an uncompromising demand for quality, attention to detail and, most importantly, a deep appreciation for the customer.

To download a one minute video of the candy being made click here (mpg) or click here for iPod video (m4v)

To view the contact sheets from our photo shoot at the factory in May of 1997:

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To hear some EXTREMELY RARE (this is possibly the only existence of these on this website) of actual Squirrel Brand radio jingles from some point in the the 1930's - 1940s.

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