3/01 Heinz Weber graphics PLAN AHEAD
3/04 Conal's studio
3/10 Conal's studio
3/11 Conal's studio
3/12 Westland Graphics, PLAN AHEAD poster is printed
3/16 Canter's, Venice
3/17 Raymond Koehler posters wall on Manchester PLAN AHEAD
3/18 Manchester day, Sunset
3/22 Downtown with Conal PLAN AHEAD
3/27 Alex Mantelzak and Wendel Riggins in Westwood PLAN AHEAD
3/28 Paul Slansky interview
3/31 Conal's studio

4/01 Venice exteriors
4/04 New York
4/06 Conal distributes PLAN AHEAD, NYC
4/07 Conal posters PLAN AHEAD, NYC
4/08 Conal and Lenny interview with non-sync camera, NYC
4/09 Washington D.C. - Conal walks around
4/13 Earth Day posters put up
4/16 Conal's studio. sound recordings

5/16 special screening at USC for Conal and Ross and various friends
5/16 dinner with Conal & Ross, discussed making longer film

7/29 Conal's studio

8/05 Conal's studio
8/06 Conal's studio, ARTIFICIAL ART OFFICIAL billboard in Sun Valley still photos
8/08 billboard up
8/16 billboard down
8/17 billboard up again
8/19 Conal's studio
8/28 Typecraft ARTIFICIAL ART OFFICIAL posters are printed
8/29 shot STOP THE KILLING on 102nd Street and Vermont
8/31 Conal's loft with Fox Personalities TV show, Gorky's Café

9/01 Pasadena shoot posters
9/03 visited Conal, waited at billboard no show, Ray on Manchester
9/03 put up Kaplan posters
9/05 Armory Center for the Arts, exhibit hung
9/06 Robbie and Lenny interview at Conal's loft, billboard, downtown
9/08 Conal's opening, E-TV, Deborah Irmas, Rita Flora party, Matt Groening
9/13 Raymond Koehler interview, Conal's Armory lecture

10/29 Conal's studio
10/31 Conal's, billboard, Otis Parson's, late night parade

11/01 Paul Slansky interview
11/02 billboard supposed to officially come down but doesn't
11/06 billboard comes down 6:00 a.m.
11/09 Armory Center, filmed paintings
11/10 Armory Center, exhibit taken down
11/11 downtown, film posters


1/15 Conal in Pasadena, Mohair Salon

2/15 Conal's
2/18 Conal's

3/02 shoot Venice, Washington Blvd.
3/03 a.m. Rodney King attack
3/03 Conal's, D.A.T. recordings, Arri "m"- Gates' mock-up
3/09 Torrance gallery - poster exhibition
3/10 "New World Odor" poster
3/24 Conal's loft, driving downtown, Canter's Gates' poster run #1
3/25 Rhino Records
3/26 shoot posters in the day
3/28 Fox News broadcast of Gates' run #1
3/29 L.A. Phantom

4/03 San Francisco postering ARTIFICIAL ART OFFICIAL
4/04 San Francisco Gallery HEAR SEE SPEAK
4/06 Jesse Jackson rally downtown
4/08 Conal's 10:30 p.m., Gates' poster run #2
4/09 shoot posters
4/10 front page L.A. Times article on the Gates' poster
4/11 Conal on KFI Talk Radio
4/15 L.A. Times "counterpunch" article written by Peggy Estrada
4/16 Conal on KABC Talk Radio
4/17 Santa Anita firing range, Rita Flora
4/19 Conal in Pasadena

5/05 shoot posters on La Brea
5/17 Angeles Press
5/19 Hollywood War homecoming parade
5/25 Conal's loft
5/30 Holly Jones interview

6/01 Artwalk - loft
6/02 Artwalk - stopped by the police on Santa Monica, Conal meets Bradley
6/04 shoot posters Santa Monica, Fairfax
6/16 Conal sound only interview, shoot posters Century City, Robbie Rye
6/23 Raymond Roker
6/26 stakeout Highland/Wilshire
6/27 shoot posters La Cienega/Beverly. Raymond Roker. stake out Highland again

7/04 Conal paints Quayle
7/05 Angeles Press
7/06 Patrick Crowley 10:30 a.m. Otis - Conal 1:00 p.m. to the artstore
7/11 Solar eclipse, Parker Center protestor, Goldstein re: Dodson
7/15 parker Center
7/16 Parker Center - Daryl Gates, Peggy Estrada
7/18 Koplin Gallery BIG DICK/LITTLE DICK on display
7/21 Conal drives to Century City
7/22 City Council Meeting - Gates announces plans, Goldstein
7/25 8:30 a.m. Quayle painting is photographed by Schafer, Valdez interview

8/17 Sean McCarthy
8/23 Tim Robbins
8/24 Bombay silent auction

9/04 City Hall - Haines, Wachs, Alatorre, Graffiti meeting, Nodal
9/11 Metromedia, Nodal, 3 p.m. billboard
9/12 downtown, billboard, gates display
9/14 San Francisco, Pro-Arts meeting
9/18 Typecraft printing DAMAGE CONTROL
9/19 Century City demonstration
9/21 Ron Reagan, Jr. show
9/22 Miner about town
9/30 Conal's interview in loft, various locations

10/11 Soho day posters
10/13 Lenny Silverberg interview, NYC
10/14 Leon Golub and Nancy Spero interview, NYC
10/15 Baum Gallery 10:30 a.m., DAMAGE CONTROL poster run #1, NYC
10/16 DAMAGE CONTROL poster run #2, NYC
10/17 Conal in lobby, Jayne Baum opening, NYC
10/18 Washington D.C. Robert Gates confirmation
10/22 Robert Atkins interview, NYC
10/24 Conal's studio, shoot photographs

11/01 Peggy Estrada downtown
11/04 Ronald Reagan Library opening
11/09 Midnight Special
11/11 Oliver North interview
11/24 Berman Galleries auction

12/09 Ramona Ripston interview at ACLU
12/11 Daryl Gates interview at Parker Center
12/13 Carol Wells interview


1/09 Conal on cover of "The Good Life," Santa Monica

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